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Eleanor Rigby piano sheet music for free - The Beatles

"Eleanor Rigby" is the title of a single by the English rock band the Beatles, featured on their album from 1966 titled "Revolver".

It is one of the songs that marked the style switch for the Beatles, from rock and roll to experimental.

Written by Paul McCartney, he said that he invented the melody while playing around on the piano, initially titling it "Miss Daisy Hawkins" and having different lyrics than the final version.

The name "Eleanor" came from the actress Eleanor Bron, which the band knew from the movie "Help!", where they co-starred. "Rigby" was added as the name of a store in Bristol.

Credited to Lennon-McCartney, the song had the first verse by McCartney, then the entire band contributed to it, the ending of the song proving more difficult than they thought. With a light Dorian melody, the song also incorporates the Aeolian mode, having an air of inevitability to the flow.

A great instrumental song involving four violins, two violas and two cellos, the song is inspired from Vivaldi’s work and style. It has been released on a double A-side, together with "Yellow Submarine", for the Parlophone Records label in the UK and for the Capitol Records label in the US. It reached the top of the UK charts, in the US charting only at a top of rank eleven.

"Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles has received three nominations for Grammy Awards, winning one in 1966, for Best Contemporary Vocal Performance, Male or Female, Paul McCartney being the receiver of the award. An instrumental version of the song got included on the album "Anthology 2", a remix also getting used in the 2006 album titled "Love".

"Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles has its piano notes listed below, free of cost. Enjoy them and keep an eye on PianoForge, as we constantly update and add piano material for our users! Don't forget that we are the best source for printable sheet music for piano there is!

Eleanor Rigby
Artists:The Beatles
Producer:George Martin
Released:5 August 1966
Labels:Capitol, Parlophone
Track length:2:08
Genres:Baroque Pop

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